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22. December 2017

GDPR – panic?! Why the panic around the GDPR regulation is unnecessary and not helpful

My colleague from Mission 100, Michael Erner and I* decided a while ago, to fight the negative communication around the GDPR  regulation and its potential impacts […]
20. March 2016

Information Governance – an Information Security discipline?

Definitely NO, although there seems to be a tendency to organize information management as part of information security. Here are the five main reasons, why this […]
9. March 2016

Die Cloud beherrschen – welche Themen sind für Unternehmen wichtig?

Information Governance wird für viele Unternehmen auch zur zur Cloud Governance. Doch was bedeutet dies und wie geht man damit um: Was sind die Bedürfnisse der […]
12. February 2016

Press release: Doculabs and KRM Form Partnership to Offer Consulting Services in Global Information Governance

Recognizing a gap in the global management of content, two great teams are announcing a partnership to help their clients better prepare for the future of […]
7. February 2016

Do we need a Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO)?

The IGI (Information Governance Institute) [1], a US-based private think tank has published several articles and papers promoting the role of the  Chief Information Governance Officer […]
13. October 2015

The end of the Safe-Harbor agreement – what now?

The European Court decided on October 6th 2015, that the safe-harbor agreement – which allowed European organizations to legally transfer personal data to US companies for […]
7. October 2015

The end of the Safe Harbour principle – the end of the information age?

The European Courts decision to say bye bye to the Safe Harbour principle dominates the papers in Europe these days: “A  legislation permitting [American] public authorities […]
6. October 2015

The 10 Biggest Threats to your Information (caused by the CEO)

The 10 Biggest Threats to your Information (caused by the CEO) -> see flyer
6. October 2015

The Shared Fridge Blog

We are building our Information Governance storyline based on an experience many former students made. Sharing an aprtment also meant sharing the fridge and in today’s […]