Audit and Certification of Digital Solutions

What is it all about?

In the context of digitalization, legality and compliance for planned projects is a constantly evolving issue. The Swiss Accounting Records Regulation (Geschäftsbücherverordnung; henceforth referred to as GeBüV) is the relevant legal framework through which the storage of electronic information is governed. Essentially all Swiss laws refer to this regulation for implementation. And yet at what point does a system in fact comply with the legal requirements therein? In order to answer this question, we perform a structured audit and issue a comprehensive report with an accompanying certificate. Throughout this process, we account not only for the GeBüV but also any additionally relevant legal obligations. We thereby confirm your compliance with regulations regarding electronic information with the GeBüV as well as data security, cloud and IT-related law. When does a certification make sense?

Assessment workshop

We lead an assessment workshop in order to calculate the scope and set a fixed price depending on anticipated time and effort


Examination procedure (interviews, workshops, reading though documentation)

Initial report

Submission of the initial report with findings; findings are closely re-examined and updated


Report is carefully edited and your certification is produced and published (optional)

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