Data Cleanup Service

Why data cleanup?

Digital transformation produces an enormous amount of data and information every day. Data growth has become dramatic. Data growth in an enterprise is estimated to increase at an average rate of 35% per year. While the management of business-critical data is usually well organised, other kinds of data, such as are found in E-mail and cloud storage, are often poorly managed or not managed at all.

We contend: Enterprise data management is similar to managing a refrigerator shared by many flatmates.(IG Video on YouTube):

It can be assumed that up to 80 % of all enterprise data are either out of date or no longer relevant.

The total costs of owning this unused data are usually unknown but the connected legal risks are considerable (litigations, duties of disclosure, data loss, elimination of data). Even without legal fees, expensive IT‐resources are absorbed by the storage of irrelevant and redundant data on IT-systems.

  • We care for your data and show you how to handle the data glut in your organisation!
  • Our Data Cleanup approach can demonstrate your total costs, implement a lifecycle management for your data and clear up your irrelevant legacy data.

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