Global Information Governance

Throughout much of KRM’s history, a substantial portion of our client base has included organizations with global operations. Working with global clients in recent years, and talking with stakeholders from within those organizations, it’s increasingly clear that the governance aspects of information management have moved to the forefront, in service of the control functions: risk, compliance, information security, and privacy. Yet to date, at many firms, the focus has tended to be on managing the information systems, rather than the information within those systems. Firms of all sizes, in all industries, now face increased pressure from diverse external regulators—and the requirements are all the more complex for those with global operations. The result is a heightened demand for information management solutions that can provide organizations the flexibility to respond rapidly and effectively to business and customer demands, while maintaining the transparency required in today’s regulatory environment. It’s a volatile regulatory landscape our clients now face, and navigating this landscape requires Global Information Governance (GIG). Doculabs and Kompetenzzentrum Records Management (KRM) now offer a number of services focused on the global community’s complex requirements for information governance. Firms that improve their information management can improve operational efficiency for business process, while at the same time positioning themselves for improved information governance. Bottom line, information management needs to become an embedded part of operational excellence—a best practice for running a business, particularly when your business is global. SEE doculabs video: James Watson about Global Information Management