Is your management unwilling to invest two years of embarking to an Information Governance initiative or program? Don't fall into the hole of predictable failure!

The MATRIO® Methododology is addressing information governance in a new way. Strategic thinking is combined with direct solution finding and implementation. The methodology follows internationally accepted and established Corporate Governance principles. It addresses all levels of leadership and ensures a pervasive and transparent implementation.

Advantages of the MATRIO® Methodology:

  • Initialisation phase is possible top down (Governance , Compliance) or bottom up (IT requirements, technical or organisational need / issue / problem)
  • Resultats / solutions may be directly and quickly implementd without excessive planning
  • Consideration of Corporate Governance rules (KISS = Kontrolled,  Integrated, Strategic, Situative / adequate)
  • Combinated and unified view on related subjects and themes (information management, information risk management, IT governance)
  • Showing need for escalation and action based on so called "Red Flags" (e.g.  compulsory regulatory duties, missing metadatea)

We are pleased to present you the methodology based on practical use cases; this allows to demonstrate the added value of the combined procedure. Further information you may find in the Practitioners Guide


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