Information Governance

How to regain control over your information

Main Author: Bruno Wildhaber
Daniel Burgwinkel, Jürg Hagmann, Stephan Holländer, Peter K. Neuenschwander, Dieter Schmutz, Daniel Spichty

Zurich 2016

We live in a digital world characterized by an exponentially growing amount of data. This rapid growth poses a daunting challenge for many organizations. Even small and medium-sized enterprises struggle with an ever-increasing deluge of information that could overwhelm servers and storage devices. As cloud computing becomes further integrated into daily life and gains popularity with many top managements, the active administration of information becomes crucial. How can you convince your management or your respective teams that information is a vital resource for any enterprise?

“Information Governance” is the active and controlled handling of data and information. Many organizations feel overwhelmed by the concepts and struggle with its implementation.

  • This guide helps you to:
    • convince stakeholders and decision makers that Information Governance is necessary
    • implement Information Governance using a structured method
    • focus on strategy while realizing quick-wins
    • identify red flags that could negatively impact your success
    • understand practical examples and applications in your organization such as e-discovery, records management, cloud strategies and more
    • use the MATRIO® implementation Method
    • organize communication and change management

The Competency Centre Records Management (KRM) has tasked itself with the goal of helping companies overcome these challenges. The contents in this book have been compiled from many successful projects we completed over the last twenty years. The KRM is a platform for transferring knowledge and provides solutions and advice for Information Governance vendors and customers.


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