Records & Information Management (RIM)

What is it about?

Every organization needs assigned responsibilities and an efficient infrastructure to manage business information throughout its life cycle according to the information elephant model.

The proper preservation and timely destruction of business documents, in addition to legal obligations, is a mandatory requirement for successful digitization. Systematic records management (document management) cannot therefore be left to chance. It does not matter whether the documents are digital or paper documents. Records & Information Management (RIM) plays a central role in the intensively growing digital transformation and can only be controlled and steered by means of clearly organized responsibility - in this respect, RIM is an essential factor in company-wide information governance.

Our services

  • We evaluate the status and maturity of your records and document management activities based on an assessment that helps you identify your gaps and derive appropriate action plans.
  • We help you to establish your Records Management as a management task and integrate it into an information governance concept according to our own MATRIO Methodology®, including the development of policies
  • We assume the function of the Records Management Coordinator (RIM as a Service, RIMaaS)
  • We help you to set up and operate a RIM or Lifecycle Management program with the necessary tools (retention schedules and taxonomies, classification systems)
  • We support you in establishing (documenting) the legal basis for the retention requirements (legal foundation) - not only for Switzerland, but also, if required, for several jurisdictions (international corporations)
  • We organize events and internal trainings to anchor your digital transformation in the corporate culture (change management)
  • We support IT, line managers and management in the evaluation and development of records management systems
  • We document your processing sequences and data management incl. support for the design of new architectures (process documentation)
  • We test and certify Records Management applications for their legal compliance
  • We bring order to your data management / repositories and support you in cleaning up data and physical files according to our service: Data Cleanup (systematic and sustainable elimination of redundant, expired and trivial data (ROT)
  • We support you with legally compliant (long-term) archiving (separation of archive data from the leading systems)